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What Is Frog Camp


Frog Camp is all about preparing you for life outside the classroom at TCU. We'll do that by rafting down the Taylor River, hiking to the top of the Eiffel Tower, line dancing in the Fort Worth Stockyards, or conquering the Team Wall. Each camp is unique, but at every camp you'll make friends, discuss college issues, and prepare for life at TCU. Check out a video about Frog Camp and read the descriptions below to find out what each one offers.

Casa Nueva 

Casa Nueva means new home in Spanish, and at Casa Nueva, you'll learn what your new home -Ft Worth-  has to offer! MORE >


The fun and tradition of Frog Camp all began at Challenge, and now you can be a part of it all as a new Horned Frog. MORE >


This camp is all about working in groups to discover your strengths. Among other things, you will participate in the Summit Championship, a series of physical, mental, and creative challenges that will test your teamwork and ingenuity. MORE >

Costa Rica

Come with us to Costa Rica and discover what we mean when we say that at TCU we're learning to change the world.  MORE >



We take leadership seriously at TCU, and Frog Camp Quest lets you start exploring the leadership and service opportunities available to you as a Horned Frog. MORE >


During this beautiful and rustic camp, you'll venture to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. MORE >

Mystery Destination

Up for an adventure? Then join us on this domestic trip where you'll find out where we're going when we get there. MORE >


During this international Honors camp you'll explore the French culture, history, and social contributions of its people while getting to know your fellow Honors students. MORE >